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Astrophotography: Annular Eclipse 04 Jan 1992

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Annular Eclipse 04 Jan 1992
Copyright (c) 1992 Hiram Clawson
This is a photograph of the setting sun and moon on the western horizon as seen from Escondido, southern California on the evening of 04 January 1992. 1000 mm f16, 1/1000 sec., ASA 25 Kodak Slide film. JPEG image, 10139 bytes.
From this viewpoint the moon is almost directly in front of the sun producing this annular eclipse. The moon appears smaller than the sun because of the distance of the moon from the earth. The moon is a bit farther from the earth than average. The image is partially obscured by clouds, and the horizon cuts off the lower portion of the setting sun/moon.

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