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Total solar eclipse 22 Nov 1984
Papua New Guinea

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1984 Solar Eclipse, time lapse, 29Kb 1273x443
Copyright (c) 1984 Hiram Clawson
Multiple exposure photograph of the entire eclipse.
1273x443 JPEG image, 29Kb

Copyright (c) 1984 Hiram Clawson
Camera: Nikon FM-2
Lens: 50 mm f 1.2
Film: KODAK ASA 25 color slide film
Shutter speed: 1/4000 sec partial images, about 6 seconds for the central image
f stop: f/16 for all images
Filter: partial phases: Neutral Density filters #8 + #4
Filter: no filters for the central image
Location: Papua New Guinea
Scanner: HP PhotoSmart scanner
Image Processing: ImageMagick
Notes: Interval between images is 10 minutes starting at 20:21:00 UT. The central exposure is at 21:22:30 which is 1m30 off of the center of the sequence but is in the middle of this 57 second eclipse. The images are a bit fuzzy because they are overexposed. A mistake I repeated in 1994, I need to stack more neutral density filters. After the sequence was finished, an image of the blue sky was made at f16 and 1/1000 second but that wasn't enough to expose the film. I didn't understand this at the time, but after doing a multiple exposure image with this camera, the light meter will not give a reading. To take an after picture requires a separate light meter. I now use one of the other cameras after the eclipse with the same f stop and ASA settings.

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