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Partial Solar Eclipse
09 Apr 1986

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Partial Solar Eclipse 09 April 1986
Copyright (c) 1986 Hiram Clawson
Partial eclipse sunset, 09 April 1986. Time lapse sequence into the sunset. Mt. Canobolas, NSW, Australia
50 mm f16, 1/4000 sec. with neutral density filters ND8 + ND4. 906x766 JPEG image, 92Kb

Copyright (c) 1986 Hiram Clawson
Camera: Nikon FM-2
Lens: 50 mm f 1.2
Film: KODAK ASA 25 color slide film
Shutter speed: 1/4000 sec all images
f stop: f/16 for all images
Filter: Neutral Density filters #8 + #4
Location: Mt. Canobolas, New South Wales, Australia
Scanner: HP PhotoSmart scanner
Image Processing: ImageMagick
Sequence begins at 06:00:00 UT, interval of six minutes
to sunset at 07:54:00 UT
Final sunset sky image at 08:24:00 UT, 50 mm f/2 1 second
The sky was murky due to bush fire smoke in the air.
Temperature at 06:15:00 UT is about 20 degrees C (69F)

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