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04 Nov 1994 Solar eclipse time lapse photograph
Hiram Z. Clawson and Olive M. Blakeley wedding photograph, 1885
Mary Decker-Zola Budd
Cats and dog
Pet Paradise
Hiram M. Clawson, age 1.5 years
Chronology of
Tissa Express, Ukraine
train 1982
Solar Eclipse Record
Solar Eclipse Chasing
Hi, Madeline - 1940s
Family Photo Archive
Fiji sunrise
New Zealand/Australia
Halley's comet photo project
March 1986-September 1986
The Wedding
The Wedding
Class of '69
Lemoore High School
Class of '69
The Santa Cruz Operation

From the Hebrew, meaning " noble born " or " exalted brother."
An abbreviated form of Ahiram. In the Bible, a King of Tyre.
A favorite seventeenth-century name in England.
-- from Dictionary of First Names Alfred J. Kolatch
2nd edition 1990

Hiram I king of Tyre 969-936 BCE, had extensive trade in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean in cooperation with Solomon and the kingdom of Israel.
-- from The Anchor Atlas of World History
Hermann Kinder and Werner Hilgemann, translated by Ernest A. Menze, 1974

The initial primary goals of this museum are to display the Astrophotography of Hiram, and the Genealogy of Hiram. I have a number of excellent Solar Eclipse photographs that can benefit the eclipse chasing community, and I would like to connect with the genealogy resources of the internet to expand my genealogy data base.

The longer term purpose of this museum is to display the history of my era from my viewpoint as a permanent record of the 20th and 21st Centuries. I am admittedly a packrat. My garage is a testament to that fact. I've been saving tidbits of my lifetime for the purpose of creating the Museum of Hiram and with the advent of the Information Superhighway, you will now get a glimpse into my garage. Aren't you lucky.

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External references relevant to the life of Hiram
The Lemoore High Class of '69 Aikido of Santa Cruz of Santa Cruz, CA.
SETI@home seti
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
My Bioinformatics Career at U.C. Santa Cruz

You may email the Museum's Curator (Hiram) at curator@hiram.ws

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