Aerial Photos of Santa Cruz

Dave Francis
More aerial photos and more aerial photos.
photoc01 photoc02 photoc03 photoc04 photoc05
Strawberry Fields Forever Seacliff State Beach The Cement Ship Capitola Capitola Wharf
photoc06 photoc07 photoc08 photoc09 photoc10
Cliff Dr Capitola Mall Soquel Point Corcoran Lagoon Corcoran Lagoon
photoc11 photoc12 photoc13 photoc15 photoc16
Santa Cruz Harbor Santa Cruz Beach Santa Cruz Beach Mitchell's Cove Municiple Wharf
photoc17 photoc18 photoc19 photoc26 photoc27
Cowell Beach Lighthouse Point Lighthouse Point Natual Bridges State Beach photoc27.jpg
photoc28 photoc30
Long Marine Lab Antonelli Pond

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