Aerial Photos of Santa Cruz

Dave Francis
More aerial photos and more aerial photos. Here is an aerial photo of Santa Cruz taken in 1906!
photoa1 photoa10 photoa11 photoa12 photoa14
photoa1.jpg Lower Westside Lower Westside Mission St Circles
photoa15 photoa16 photoa17 photoa18 photoa19
Garfield Park Circles Lennox St. Downtown Santa Cruz Downtown Santa Cruz
photoa2 photoa20 photoa21 photoa22 photoa23
Laguna Creek Beach Holy Cross Church San Lorenzo River Estuary Water St. Bridge Beach Flats
photoa24 photoa25 photoa26 photoa27 photoa28
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Giant Dipper Neary's Lagoon Westside Santa Cruz Upper Westside
photoa29 photoa30 photoa31 photoa32 photoa34
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Santa Cruz Municiple Wharf Lighthouse Field State Park Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Municiple Wharf
photoa35 photoa36 photoa37 photoa4 photoa5
Circles Upper Westside Upper Westside Bonny Doon Beach Bonny Doon Beach
photoa6 photoa7 photoa8 photoa9
Cement Plant Cement Plant Rt1 UCSC

The Virtual Santa Cruz exhibit at the Museum of Hiram
was kindly donated by Dave Francis .

The Virtual Santa Cruz exhibit is currently hosted
by Cruzio" Cruzio of Santa Cruz, CA.

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