Aerial Pictures of the Central Coast

Dave Francis
More aerial photos and more aerial photos.
P0000330 P0000331 P0000332 P0000334 P0000335 P0000336
Watsonville Watsonville Watsonville La Selva Beach La Selva Beach La Selva Beach
P0000337 P0000338 P0000339 P0000340 P0000341 P0000342
P0000337.jpg The Cement Ship The Cement Ship 41st Ave Capitola Ave Pasatiempo Golf Course
P0000343 P0000344 P0000345 P0000346 P0000351 P0000353
Harvey West & Pogonip Harvey West & Pogonip Harvey West Harvey West Scotts Valley Downtown Santa Cruz
P0000354 P0000355 P0000356 P0000357 P0000358 P0000359
Beach Boardwalk Neary's Lagoon.jpg Lower Westside Neary's Lagoon Mitchell's Cove Natural Bridges
P0000360 P0000361 P0000362 P0000363 P0000364 P0000365
Wilder Ranch Four Mile Beach Laguna Creek Beach Davenport Davenport Davenport Landing
P0000366 P0000367 P0000368 P0000369 P0000370 P0000374
Scott Creek Beach Coastal Cliffs Waddell Beach Waddell Beach Ano Nuevo Ano Nuevo
P0000375 P0000376 P0000377 P0000378 P0000383 P0000384
Ano Nuevo Dion Light House Field Moss Landing Watsonville Watsonville

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